The Langham Dome is a unique little museum in the site of a former WW2 Anti-Aircraft gun training dome. The dome was state of the art in WW2 with an innovative projection mechanism, showing footage of planes and a mounted gun which projected a crosshair over the footage.

I really enjoy our visit, it was genuinely fascinating and a piece of history I never knew. The staff and volunteers where super friendly and informative, giving us an excellent talk about the dome, its purpose and his experiences.

The display boards throughout are some of the best I've seen at a museums (frankly way more professional than I expected). The info films were well put together and expertly narrated. We could definitely feel the time, care and love the organisation behind it had put into rescuing such a rare piece of history.

I really would recommend any one with even a slight interest in aviation or WW2 history to visit.

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