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Welcome to Intrbiz, IT consultancy for Open Source Software

We are a small independent IT consultancy specialising in a range of Open Source software. We've been working with Open Source software for over a decade and have extensive experience of:

Our primary expertese is around PostgreSQL, having utilised and deployed PostgreSQL for many different applications. Including using PL/Proxy to build heavily sharded PostgreSQL database clusters, targeted at write and read scaling. We've routinely worked with multi-terrabyte databases with demanding and complex ETL setups. We have extensive experience of devloping applications with PostgreSQL, performance tuning and day to day database administration.

We are also the lead developers of Bergamot Monitoring a distributed infrastructure monitoring solution with an easy migration path from Nagios.

Bergamot Monitoring provides a scalable monitoring solution capable of handling the complexities of modern world, where infrastructure can be on-premise and/or in the cloud. Bergamot Monitoring provides a modern, real time user interface, with zero downtime configuration changes. The distributed nature of Bergamot Monitoring create a highly robust solution, requiring minimal downtime and a scalable platform which can grow as you do.